Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I find President Bush and Vice President Cheney's saber-rattling approach to foreign policy hypocritical and perplexing since both of these self-proclaimed patriots successfully evaded active military duty during the Vietnam war. Bush enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard knowing full well that his approach meant a safe, stateside assignment while Cheney avoided his military obligation in any form. Now, 30 years later, both men want to put our sons and daughters in harm's way by waging a war against Iraq.

If first-hand battlefield experience was part of their resumes, war would be their last rather than the first option in dealing with tyrants and other global threats. In so doing, they could turn their attention to the real problems facing our nation: a failing economy, rising unemployment, a return to deficit spending and a faltering confidence in corporate America.

Greg Capito


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