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Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2002

In reading Mary-Lou Gervais' My Turn, I find I have to comment.

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Don't dilute Day of Silence - come out

The Day of Silence, she tells us, "Made everyone think about their role in perpetuating homophobia in our schools." Sadly enough, it seems to have made a couple of people consider how else they might aid in the effort.

That they cover themselves in the cloak of religion does not dim the fact that they are doing just that. During slavery, there were churches that preached that God meant Africans to be slaves and we were doing them a favor by bringing them into their natural state so we could convert them.

Besides, the cold and the whips didn't really hurt them as they would white folks. Until the civil rights movement, there were churches that preached that African Americans preferred to sit in the back of the bus. And now there are churches that try to water down the Day of Silence so that we can totally forget the people we are being silent for, and all wear whatever ribbon makes us comfortable. I think that they need to show a little respect to the students at JDHS and look into their own hearts.

Joycelyn Ward


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