KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant closes

Company is considering opening another location in town

Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2002

An inability to meet industry standards and an impending lease renewal led to the closure of the KFC-Pizza Hut restaurant at 6555 Glacier Highway, according to the restaurant's owners.

Vincent Voss, vice president of Anchorage-based Kurani Inc., said the company signed a seven-year lease on the space.

As time to renew approached, he said the company felt the two-franchise facility was not doing the business necessary to continue operation.

The restaurant, which operated in the William's Express service station and convenience store building near Switzer Creek, employed about 10 people, Voss said.

"It just wasn't performing at what the industry likes to see," Voss said, adding that the location might have played a part in the unit's performance. He declined to give any further detail on reasons for the Sept. 18 closure.

Voss said the other 19 Pizza Huts and four KFCs Kurani Inc. owns in Alaska are doing well financially and that the company does not anticipate any other closures.

He said the company is considering opening another location in Juneau.

An earlier KFC franchise, then called Kentucky Fried Chicken, operated in the late 1970s and early 1980s on Willoughby Avenue, where Rick's Cafe now serves meals.

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