Leonard Ralph Gray

Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Juneau resident Leonard Ralph Gray, 40, died Sept. 21, 2002, in Anchorage at the Alaska Native Medical Center.

He was born March 24, 1962, at Mount Edgecumbe, to Gerald and Lucille Gray. He attended schools in Mount Edgecumbe and Juneau.

He was known by family members as "Lenny" or "Bun Bun." He was a Wooshkeetaan Yadi, child of a Shark. He was born a Tsimshian Wolf and was adopted by his paternal grandfather Howard Gray Sr. in the Tak'deintaan Tsal-Xaan Hit.

His favorite sports were wrestling and baseball. His family said he had a great love for the outdoors, fishing and hunting, and would talk endlessly of his life and love of the outdoors. They said he had a great sense of humor and shared it with his family and friends to the point that he would call family members with a joke at 3 a.m. to hear them laugh.

He is survived by his maternal grandmother of Metlakatla Anna Dundas, his parents Lucille Dundas (Lucy) and his father Gerald Paul Gray Sr. (Jerry), his brother Gerald P. Gray Jr. (Sonny), his sisters Geraldine Ann Gray (Jerryann), Elizabeth Marie Gray (Lisa) and Catherine J. Bolton (Cathy). Other survivors include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws and friends.

Services will be held at the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall in Hoonah at 7 tonight.

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