In lieu of a road

Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2000

So a road's gonna cost $230 million. Or maybe it's $300 million. Or even $500 million! Since we're going to indulge ourselves in fantasy at the polls soon, pretending that someone is actually going to give us hundreds of millions of dollars, is a road the best fantasy we can come up with? Let's try to dream up some better ideas for our 300,000,000 fantasy dollars:

Education $300 million could probably replace every school in Juneau and give UAS a big boost (and a recreation facility). Health a whole new hospital, maybe two. Recreation an awesome indoor recreation facility with a swimming pool (it's a fantasy, how about two?), an ice skating rink, a huge gym, a track, a climbing wall, racquetball and tennis courts, batting cages, with plenty left over for more outdoor softball and soccer fields, cross country ski trails and a significant upgrade to Eaglecrest; maybe even a real golf course. Arts fabulous museum, concert hall, theater, and educational institute. Economy a world class medical, technology, climate, fisheries, or other research facility. Jobs and diversification to our economy would go a long way to free us from the tyranny of our "capital economy." Tourism a tram to every glacier and mountaintop in the area (no need for noisy helicopters!). Transportation replace the Douglas Bridge, and add that second one. Run the road behind Douglas and build a new harbor there. Add the second runway at the airport. Throw in a light rail from the valley to downtown. And bike paths everywhere. Upgrade hiking and ATV trails. Regional first class emergency and medical facilities for every SE community, and a new water supply for Kake.

Don't like my ideas? Then come up with your own $300 million fantasy! Is a road the best thing for Juneau? Will you elect a representative that doesn't have any more creative ideas than a road?

Bob Deering


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