Move to the middle

Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Juneau voters should be asking all candidates for public office questions about their beliefs and philosophies. Additionally, candidates should be evaluated by an examination of their track record. I just received Marc Wheeler's flyer and I am compelled to comment how quickly he has moved his philosophy to the "middle" ground compared to the previous five years. Up until a few months ago, he worked for Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and was one of their leading spokesmen expounding their positions which can be generally described as opposed to any form of development whether it be mining, tourism, fishing, logging, transportation systems or any endeavor that would create jobs. Yet his flyer fails to mention where he has worked, the stances he has taken and where he has spent most of his time in the past five years. This quick dash to the middle of the road must be for some reason. I trust the majority of Juneau voters will see through this and not support his election to the assembly.

Errol D. Champion


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