Rhymes with Oreo

Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2000

I am writing in support of Maridon Boario as write-in candidate for city assembly. Although it may be a disadvantage that Maridon is not on the ballot, I think that it is admirable that she wants to give voters a choice. I think it is often unfortunate when a candidate runs unopposed, or tries to buy their way into office. Voters need choice.

Some people have stated that Maridon Boario may not have a chance because she is a write-in candidate. Not because they don't agree with what she stands for, or the issues that she represents. Nor is it because people are not hungry for change, because they are. No, it's often that by nature, humans tend to be lazy. Especially when it comes to voting. Having to remember a name, (especially when it isn't a name like Jones or Lee) much less write it down, can be somewhat intimidating, and more effort than people want to take. It may even discourage them from voting. Well, let me help you out with a little word association.

When I was young and would come home from school after a rough day, my mom wouldn't say, "Here kid, take this wad of money and go pay off your friends, forget your troubles and get on with life." Instead, she would bring out my favorite cookies (Oreos!) and a glass of milk, and we'd sit and talk. She would listen to what I had to say, even if she didn't agree with everything I said, she really made me feel supported and important, because she just listened. I always felt so much better afterward, like I could continue on because someone was rooting for me.

This is how I feel about Maridon Boario as an assembly candidate. I feel like she is rooting for this community, to make it a better place. She wants to make a difference and is willing to work hard to do so. Working hard by going out and meeting the people of this community and listening. It is worth it to her to sacrifice her time to make a difference and to continue the pursuit to make Juneau a place we're proud to call home.

Sure it would be preferred if you could spell her name correctly when you write Maridon in for city assembly, but if it gets you out to vote, to have a word association, just add a B in front of Oreo.

Jenna O'Fontanella


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