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Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2000

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To cut down on auto accidents, speeders, drunk drivers and the demand for gas, the state of Alaska could raise the driving age from 16 to 21.

I enjoyed the article on the stairs in Juneau. I was born and raised here and undoubtedly traveled most of those stairs.

A $90 lesson is a tough one to learn on how to take care of your stuff. You shouldn't leave you scooter unlocked in front of McDonald's.

Is the city going to put pay phones at any of the playgrounds? What if there's an accident?

I was downtown and I saw that the police station building is empty. They should move Job Service down there. It's a lot more convenient.

Now that the last tour ships are leaving Juneau, I guess it's time for the screw guns and plywood to come out on South Franklin.

How many jobs do we need in Juneau? Destination Juneau may think we can't have too many jobs, but it's clear that we shouldn't have more jobs than we have housing, nor should we have more low-paying jobs than we have low-income housing.

I've noticed over all the years of reading the Juneau Empire, the only names written in the police blotter are the names of people arrested for DUI. Are these people not innocent until proven guilty? Give them a chance.

We need crosswalks over by the airport and family grocery center. There are a lot of children who live in that area and need to cross the roads to get to the mall and airport area.

I think it's great to have a school spirit week at the high school and I understand pajama days, inside-out days and school color days, but camouflage days? Camouflage dressing could be dangerous these days.

I find it appalling that Princess Cruises' front man would tear apart a member of our community. I wonder what his agenda might be? More low-paying jobs that can't feed families? When he continues to comment about what is best for downtown Juneau, he doesn't speak for me.

Kudos to the ferry system, which has been working to get every possible standby on board. I've ridden a couple of times lately. The food service on board has been great.

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