Attacks hamper halibut market
ANCHORAGE The East Coast terrorist attacks have sent cross-continent ripples through the Alaska seafood industry, hurting the halibut fishery in particular.

On the Move
Juneau lawyer becomes Russian arbitrator: Juneau attorney William G. Ruddy, a senior partner in the Juneau firm Ruddy, Bradley, Kolkhorst & Reges, has been appointed arbitrator for the Far East Arbitration Tribunal for Foreign Trade and Other Economic Disputes and the Marine Arbitration Commission.

Downtown shops feel ripples from East Coast attacks
Irina Siegrist of downtown's Grandfather Frost gift shop said her customers changed after the terrorist attacks on the East Coast two weeks ago today.

Center to hold financing seminar for small businesses this week
JUNEAU The Juneau Small Business Development Center will hold a seminar discussing sources of financing for smaller businesses.

Business Profile: Jill Ramiel
Title and firm: Jill Ramiel, president and co-owner of the Silverbow Inn, Silverbow Bakery, Silverbow Catering and The Back Room Restaurant and Cinema, all in the Messerschmidt Building downtown.

All are areawide
According to the city clerk, all candidates are elected on an areawide basis, and serve all members of the community. Even though you filed for a specific seat, all voters vote the same ballot.

Heartening articles
I would like to thank the Empire for publishing Genevieve Gagne-Hawes's columns from New York City. In a paper filled with cold data, disturbing pictures, calls to war, and bickering opinions, it's

How power corrupts
Let's assume that a recent Empire letter writer is correct that Juneau needs to be more "government friendly" in the face of any in the business community who say it needs to be more "business friendly" to stave off an upcoming attempt to move the capital.

Valuable addition
I have had the pleasure of knowing Clancy DeSmet his entire life. As a teacher in the Juneau Schools for 25 years, I feel an added sense of pride in knowing that our school system has contributed in the formation of the character and integrity of this fine young man.

Solidarity is possible
Should we go to war? Will we? I have no clue. I have no idea. Before I speak any more, let me say that the only certainty I have is that any one who postures an ideal with absolut

Worst possible site
I was dismayed by the support expressed for the proposed golf course during the candidate forum Monday night. Only Dixie Hood expressed

Neighborhood support
As a member of the Thane Neighborhood Association, I would like to personally and publicly thank Jim Powell for the support and encouragemen

Never forgiven
Thank you Betsy Fischer for accurately pointing out Powell and Kerttula's campaign expense reporting violations. I am dismayed, but not surprised by the lack of coverage and comment from this community on the

Area worth preserving
I would like to express my concern about the proposed North Douglas golf course. I wish that anyone who has the opportunity would go see the area where the course is proposed to be built. I have spent much of my 28 years in Southeast Alaska in the woods, and have gotten an opportunity to see a wide variety of areas across Southeast Alaska. I think the Peterson Creek watershed in which the course is proposed (not to be confused with Peterson Creek at 25 mile Glacier Highway) is one of the most spectacular. The watershed is a mix of different habitats, from well-drained forests of large spruce to wetlands with lush green vegetation. I have seen quite a bit of wildlife in the watershed, including bears, deer, river otters, kingfishers and eagles. On two occasions recently, I saw goshawks right where they are planning on putting the course.

Juneau community calendar

Candidate forums Wednesday
JUNEAU Candidates in the Oct. 2 city election will appear before two groups Wednesday.

City selects route for fisheries center road
The city has picked the route for a road it would like to see built to a proposed fisheries research center at Lena Point and it is not a route favored by many residents.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Candidates take stands on second crossing, light rail
While all of the candidates running for the Juneau Assembly support either studying or building a second crossing connecting Juneau and Douglas Island, they hold different opinions about light rail.

City adds bill-paying options
JUNEAU Beginning this week, Juneau's city government is accepting credit card payments over the phone or Internet. Payments can be made for real property tax, business personal property tax, utilities, sales tax, ambulance fees, and several other city services.

Deal may be cut in airport bomb threat case
Prosecutors are looking for a resolution in the case of a man accused of terroristic threatening at an Alaska Airlines counter in Juneau earlier this week.

Heliports bring tradeoffs
For residents of Thane and Montana Creek, a proposal to build heliports near their neighborhoods would mean balancing increased traffic with community-wide changes in flightseeing noise.

Heliport plan stirs discussion
Juneau residents are beginning to evaluate what new heliports could mean to flight noise in the community but say more work is needed before changes are made.

Last ships of the season
The ships Veendam, Norwegian Sky and Regal Princess light up the downtown harbor Tuesday, the last day of the 2001 cruise ship season. Cruise ships brought about 640,000 tourists to the capital city this year, about the same number as last year.

Deadbeat dad gets 10-day jail sentence
A Juneau business owner who refused to pay child support the past nine years will spend 10 days in jail for the crime.

Around Town
Juneau community calendar

Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Ill wind tips semi
Crews try to right a grocery tractor-trailer tipped over by a gust of wind Monday afternoon on Vanderbilt Hill Road. The Alaska Marine Lines truck, driven by a 45-year-old man from Reliable Transfer, was pulling groceries for Fred Meyer, according to Capital City Fire and Rescue. No one was injured.

AK Airlines tries to fill its seats
Regional carrier Alaska Airlines reports its operations are running smoothly under stricter security guidelines imposed in the wake of the terrorist attacks two weeks ago.

Sea-Tac Airport 18th in traffic, sixth in security violations
SEATAC, Wash. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is 18th in passenger traffic but sixth in the nation in number of security problems, according to Federal Aviation Administration data.

Otter pup due for move to the big city
The orphaned baby sea otter found near Hoonah two months ago soon will be on his way from Seward to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Four in the running for city development post
Four finalists for the city's Community Development Department director position shared insights into their leadership styles Tuesday before a panel of assessors from the department and a group of city employees and interested citizens.

Juneau gets sneak preview of flu season
It's not flu yet. But the coughing and sneezing heard in Juneau is a preview of the influenza season, which already may have begun elsewhere in Alaska.

Trash plant: a boon to region?
Kake Tribal Corp. is looking for trash.

Air Safety
We as a species are adventurers, takers of risk, thrill seekers. Bungee jumping, for instance, was never a high on my list of priorities. But to some daredevils, traveling to the ends of the earth for the ultimate thrill of the highest most dangerous jump, is where it's at.

Adults and families invited
Although the Zach Gordon Youth Center is intended primarily for youth, it is also available for adult and family use at particular hours.

Hospice News: Grieving and growing
September 11th began like any other day with my clock radio signaling the arrival of 5a.m. Awakened, I lay quietly, pinned to the mattress by the darkness and the early hour. When I finally became aware of the voice on the radio it was not Bob Edwards talking about U.S. unemployment rates, it was a man from the BBC babbling almost incoherently about a building on fire and smoke and the World Trade Center. But wait! Another building has been bombed! No! It is not a bomb; it's a jet!! A JET HAS CRASHED INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWER! Still listening to the radio, I got up and dressed and left the house. By the time I arrived at the lodge where I work, the Pentagon had also been hit. I moved around the kitchen, dazed. It wasn't until the men sat down to eat and I told them, "The World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been hit by hijacked planes," that the reality of what had happened that morning hit me like a blow to the stomach. We turned on the television and watched the plane hit the tower over and over again, and tried to make sense of a scene very much like one we've seen a thousand times in Hollywood action films, but never never in real life.

Wedding: Roberts, Harmon to marry
Mary Frances Roberts, of Wauwatosa, Wis., and Tracy A. Harmon, of San Diego, will be married in a ceremony planned for 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29, aboard the Allen Marine catamaran, followed by a reception at 6 p.m. at the Travelodge. Friends and relatives of the couple are invited to the wedding and reception.

Pet of the Week
Dutch is a young, adult, neutered, gray/cream, male, tabby shorthair who especially enjoys a relaxed moment on top of his favorite cat tree. Otherwise, this delightful kitty is energetic, playful and friendly. Dutch is ready for a family that will give him plenty of space. To adopt this fine fellow, visit the Gastineau Humane Society, 7705 Glacier Highway. Phone 789-0260.

New officers
The Taku toastmasters had their annual Passing of the Gavel for the upcoming club year on July 16. Officers elected were, from left, Sandra Herrera, sergeant-at-arms; James Bibb, vice president, membership; Linda Snow, treasurer; Lind

...for all the help for Tim Wood
To the crew and passengers aboard the Taku, Sept. 6, northbound from Petersburg to Juneau. In particular, to Dr. Rodney and Mindy Anderson, Dr. Mark Tuccillo and the unnamed crew and officers (you know who you are) that helped with comfort, transport and radio-phone calls ... To all the passengers who waited, without complaint, until Tim Wood was off loaded in an ambulance at Juneau ... To our onshore medical people in Juneau, including Auke Bay Fire and Rescue and EMT unit, Dr. Urata at Valley Medical (and any and all who assist him), the Bartlett Emergency and EMT unit that brought him home.

Obituary: George Herbert Converse
George Herbert Converse died Sept. 23, 2001, in Port Angeles, Wash.

Obituary: William 'Bill' Tompkins
William "Bill" Tompkins died Sept. 21, 2001, in Juneau, after a bout with cancer.

Obituary: William Frederick Jackson Jr.
William Frederick Jackson Jr., 49, died Sept. 18 in Haines.

My Turn: Israeli-Palestinian conflict explodes at our door
Our reactions to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington have been shock, anger, grief and revenge. Why we were attacked is seldom asked. Those who connect our foreign policy and the explosion of Arab hatred toward us have had their patriotism impugned.

Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth for Tuesday

My Turn: Important questions about our new war
I am as upset about the hijackings and destruction as anyone. I am glad that we are using all of our powers to bring the perpetrators to justice. I hope it happens soon and that justice prevails. I am al

My Turn: The reluctant sheriff unlocks the rifle cabinet
Herein contains how I have processed the events of Sept. 11 and come to terms with individuals who believe that America is justly reaping what it has sowed. Yes, America defends our own national interests. Yes, American foreign policy is often hypocritical and naive. Yes, America's leaders have blundered and committed misdeeds.

Outside editorial: American people will decide country's economic fate
Wall Street's strong rally Monday salved some of the sting of last week's dreadful stock-market performance its worst in 60 years and reminded us that we are key players in the country's economic recovery.

Word of Mouth:
I'd like to thank City Clerk Laurie Sica and her staff for providing for the first time ever an absentee voting site in the Mendenhall Mall next to the library. Thanks a lot!

My Turn: Juneau already said 'no more'
To the Forest Service EIS question "should there be more helicopter flightseeing in Juneau," the Forest Service need look no further than the 1998 McDowell Group "Community Opinion Survey" prepared for CBJ's Tourism Advisory Committee.

My Turn: Growing citizens for tomorrow
Congratulations to the Juneau Empire and writer Ann Chandonnet for spotlighting the power of youth in civic life. A recent Empire article reported the success of Hoonah teenagers who petitioned the government and received permission to gather sea gull eggs on Middle Pass Rock, a traditional Tlingit practice.

My Turn: Why preach to the converted on their turf?
On Tuesday, Sept. 18, I and others attended or listened in on KTOO to a community forum reflecting on the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on New York and Washington D.C. The forum's panel was impressive with a half-dozen community leaders including Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer, Mayor Sally Smith, Sen. Kim Elton and Rep. Beth Kerttula.

Outside editorial: Life-and-death jobs
This editorial appeared in today's Los Angeles Times:

Sports in Juneau

Sports Briefs
Quick sports news

Petersburg Invitational Swim Meet Statistics
Results from the Petersburg Invitational high school swimming and diving meets held Friday and Saturday at the Petersburg Swim Pool. Results listed are for the top six finishers in each event, plus any other Juneau swimmers.

Oil spills during pipeline restart
ANCHORAGE As much as 1,200 gallons of oil may have spilled during a routine restart of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, according to regulators who oversee the 800-mile line.

Judge won't force subsistence case appeal
ANCHORAGE A state judge won't order Gov. Tony Knowles to appeal the Katie John subsistence case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dealing with urban needs may be key to subsistence plan
ANCHORAGE Meeting the needs of urban subsistence hunters and fishermen is emerging as a key element in the search for a solution to the state's subsistence dilemma.

Reward offered in hate crime
ANCHORAGE Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch pledged the city would raise $10,000 in reward money for information leading to those who tore apart Mike Maad's printing business on Saturday and spray-painting "We hate Arabs" across one wall. The money also will be used to assist in creating a fund to help pay Maad's uninsured losses, including some payroll costs.

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