...for all the help for Tim Wood

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2001

To the crew and passengers aboard the Taku, Sept. 6, northbound from Petersburg to Juneau. In particular, to Dr. Rodney and Mindy Anderson, Dr. Mark Tuccillo and the unnamed crew and officers (you know who you are) that helped with comfort, transport and radio-phone calls ... To all the passengers who waited, without complaint, until Tim Wood was off loaded in an ambulance at Juneau ... To our onshore medical people in Juneau, including Auke Bay Fire and Rescue and EMT unit, Dr. Urata at Valley Medical (and any and all who assist him), the Bartlett Emergency and EMT unit that brought him home.

The biggest Thank You I can muster.

My job of caring for Tim could not be done without assistance in many forms. I'd also like to give thanks at this time to all friends, family, social workers, my clients from Seventh Heaven, co-workers and medical professionals including hospice, who continue to support us in our time of need. Again, thank you.

Zeela Bryn Mawr


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