Never forgiven

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Thank you Betsy Fischer for accurately pointing out Powell and Kerttula's campaign expense reporting violations. I am dismayed, but not surprised by the lack of coverage and comment from this community on the subject. I expect this town will once again re-elect one half of the disgraced duo. I expect it as much as I expect the rest of the state of Alaska to vote to move the legislative sessions out of Juneau. You can smell it in the air like a rotting fish.

But before Juneau sends yet another message to our fellow residents across the state, I would like to remind you that Powell and Kerttula are not just ethically challenged by campaign reporting requirements. They are also members of the class of political hypocrites who will be always remembered and never forgiven for looking the other way while their party systematically disenfranchised military men and women serving overseas during last fall's elections.

Today this country turns once again to those very same disenfranchised men and women for the hope of defense. Along with those on active duty, men and women of the reserve forces will put down the tools of their trade and instead pick up weapons. They will board military transport planes and leave behind wives, husbands and children. They will leave behind mortgages, which they can not expect to pay with meager active duty wages. These men and women and those already on active duty will sacrifice all that they have for what? So people like Kerttula and Powell can do what they do to get elected? So that people like Ross and Joy can disparage their own country? To protect those that would bite the hand that feeds them? Yes to all of that and more.

The men and women who defend this country, who make this country great, may not have the stomach to sit in a room full of whining socialists at Monday night Assembly meetings, but they do have the stomach to risk their lives and fortunes for an idea. They will fight for freedom. Unfortunately freedom does come with its own natural waste by-product. (Where is DEC when you need them?) It appears that this waste by-product has reached toxic levels of concentration in Juneau.

When you go to the voting booth on Oct. 2, remember - you are going to send a message to the rest of Alaska. I'm afraid it's obvious what kind of message will be sent. I hope you prove me wrong.

John Bishop


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