Fairbanks firm builds mats to protect tundra from rigs
ANCHORAGE - Lots of innovative ideas have gone from scribbles on cocktail napkins to reality.That's the case with a new composite mat designed to stabilize drill rigs and protect North Slope tundra from the crush of the 2.5 million-pound machines.

Turning to peaches for profit
In T.S. Eliot's famous poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," the speaker asks, "Do I dare to eat a peach?" referring to the risks people take when they dive into something unknown.Texas-born entrepreneur Jason McCowan, 28, has eaten this proverbial peach, in a business sense, by selling them. So far, the result of his business risk has been all sweetness.

In the Tank
Juneau gas prices as of Wednesday evening

Business Profile: Amy Green
Owner and sole employee of Baby Brella, a cloth diaper and baby accessory business.

United Way made it possible
Last Saturday more than 100 students, faculty and staff from the University of Alaska Southeast volunteered for a variety of community projects as part of our second annual Day of Caring. In addition to thanking all who participated, I want to acknowledge that this program and all that we accomplished was made possible only through the efforts of our local United Way.

Political manipulation
In the book "Nuremberg Diary," author Gustave Gilbert reports the notorious Nazi Hermann Goering as saying, "Voice or no voice the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

Good ol' boys
It's great to know the good-ol'-boy system is alive and well in Juneau. Please don't make the same mistake I did last time by casting a vote for Don Etheridge for Assembly.

Comments clarified
This is my first run at public office and I will make verbal blunders like the one I made at the JDHS candidate forum regarding the Day of Silence. I wish to clarify my comments. (I told the students that I support student-led initiatives, and this includes student-led prayers at commencement ceremonies and the prayer at the flagpole. It is important for them to raise awareness of issues and make positive changes in society.

Silence is violence
I read with interest Ms. O'Malley's article regarding the JDHS Day of Silence and positions taken by School Board candidates regarding the event, one which recognizes the silence and discrimination experienced by high school students who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT). I walked with the students, parents, faculty and friends at the Day of Silence in Juneau last April.D

Fatal conditions
I agree with Tiarra Hauf's letter that changes are urgently needed at the Kmart area. The section of road between the Williams Express highway exit and the Kmart stoplight is posted at 40 mph.

I find President Bush and Vice President Cheney's saber-rattling approach to foreign policy hypocritical and perplexing since both of these self-proclaimed patriots successfully evaded active military duty during the Vietnam war.

Representative government
Recent letters to the editor vilifying those Assembly members who voted to support public notice and opportunity for comment have been disheartening. Our form of government requires public process on all decisions that are made, especially the hard ones.

What would Jesus say?
This is in response to the article that appeared in Sunday's paper concerning the two churches that feel that The Day of Silence at the Juneau-Douglas High School is inappropriate. I find it rather reassuring that our youth, the young people that we are so concerned about, are reaching out and finding compassion for other human beings and not passing judgment because of someone's sexual orientation.

It's the law
I am a fifth-grader at Auke Bay Elementary School and I am concerned about garbage bears. I am bothered by people leaving their garbage out a day or two, or even a week before garbage pickup. Most of these bears are habituated so people don't concern them.

Voting is vital
Over the past four or five years, Ketchikan has been economically decimated and devastated. Many, many people have lost their jobs and moved out of the state. As a result, our population and tax base have been declining. It is with sad hearts that we watch many young families as well as older, established families leave for greener pastures (jobs) and more viable futures (jobs).

Tolerance needed
I feel that changing the Day of Silence to a day of respect is just another way to undermine much needed focus on how our society still condones discrimination and mistreatment of homosexuals. Not only is discrimination and harassment tolerated, but often encouraged against homosexuals.

Public land giveaway
The bottom line is that Murkowski's bill S.2222 decides for Juneau residents that we will give away 12,000 acres of prime forest, exceptional wildlife habitat, traditional, and recreational public lands in Berners Bay for 3,000 acres of abused logged off lands way down near Ketchikan! What kind of sense does this make?

Not really a choice
I read the article about the Day of Silence with interest since there are many parallels to my life. I applaud the guts it took to put this on at the high school. It shows that we have come a long way since I attended high school. I remember the fear I felt every day I walked into school of being found out that I was gay, and the repercussions that it carried.

Day of Silence is a student-led event
When actually serving on the School Board, one rather quickly learns their own personal morality has little to do with deciding whether students can have a Day of Silence. The courts have consistently indicated that students have strong rights to free speech (or in this case free speechless).

Moving forward
The municipal election on Oct. 1 is extremely important and will have a huge impact on Juneau's future. The question is whether we are going to move forward as a community or stay mired hip deep in good old boy politics. In my opinion, Don Etheridge has voted against the interests of working women and men. It's time for a change.

The wrong message
Juneau will get to vote on the legislative move twice. The first vote will be Oct. 1. The Assembly you elect will send a clear message to the rest of Southeast Alaska. There are probably a lot of people in Juneau who are not aware that Marc Wheeler was very active in environmental organizations whose efforts were to restrict resource-based industries in Southeast.

For a strong economy
Merrill Sanford is a reasonable man. He will bring a common sense approach in addressing issues through the local government process.

Reject political posturing
General Conventions of the Episcopal Church have affirmed that homosexual people are children of God and are entitled to full civil rights. Members of the church have pledged to address the issues of youth suicide and runaway-throwaway youth, especially as these result from conflict over sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual orientation.

Heart-check time
In reading Mary-Lou Gervais' My Turn, I find I have to comment. The Day of Silence, she tells us, "Made everyone think about their role in perpetuating homophobia in our schools." Sadly enough, it seems to have made a couple of people consider how else they might aid in the effort.

Dignity, respect, fairness
I was very disturbed to read in the Empire that certain church leaders are trying to take away from high school students their right to stage a Day of Silence as a way of speaking out against the mistreatment of homosexuals.

4 fisheries agents honored for their work in the skies
Four federal fisheries enforcement agents in Alaska who normally protect fish and marine mammals spent two months last year protecting airline passengers, buttressing the air marshal program. Air marshals, armed anti-hijacking agents known only to the flight crews, have been around since 1985, but their role increased considerably after the Sept. 11 attacks. Their exact numbers are classified, but The Associated Press has reported since Sept. 11 the force grew from 32 into thousands.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Federal screeners are on the job at Juneau Airport
The federal government took charge of the passenger-screening checkpoint at the Juneau Airport on Tuesday, although the average traveler probably won't notice, officials said.Kathy Mathews, the new stakeholder liaison for the Transportation Security Administration in Juneau, said the new federal screeners replaced Alaska Airlines screeners at 4 a.m. on Tuesday. The changeover went smoothly, she said.

'Troublesome' bear killed in Switzer Creek
Alaska Department of Fish and Game workers on Tuesday trapped and killed a black bear that had been breaking into freezers in the Switzer Creek area.Neil Barten, area wildlife biologist with Fish and Game, said the 250-pound male bear was between 12 and 15 years old. The animal wasn't a good candidate for relocation, he said.

Candidate spending rises as election nears
With less than a week until the Oct. 1 city election, Juneau Assembly candidate Merrill Sanford is leading the race for campaign cash.As of Sept. 21, Sanford had raised $19,177 in his bid for the District 1 Assembly seat and spent $6,662, according to a report filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission this week. Eighty contributors gave less than $100.

Andres Cadiente: A life woven into Juneau's fabric
Andres Cadiente left the Philippines in 1929 for a new life halfway around the world. He spent most of it in Juneau, raising nine children and developing a reputation as an outstanding chef and a leader of the Filipino Community.Cadiente died Friday in Juneau at the age of 97. He leaves 25 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

Locals ponder war and peace at Iraq forum
A Juneau forum on Tuesday night about Iraq brought up the same concerns being played out around the world as the Bush administration seeks congressional authorization to use force to oust Saddam Hussein."We don't have proof that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, and we're not being consistent with our U.S. foreign policy," said Tia Anderson after the forum, which was led by a group of high school students called Dialogos and held at the University of Alaska Southeast.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Photo: Breaking ground
Steve Landvick, project developer, left, and Dan Austin, general manager of St. Vincent de Paul, break ground Wednesday for Channel View Apartments at 345 Gastineau Ave.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Dryden remodel downsized
Renovation of Floyd Dryden Middle School will have to be scaled back or done in two phases, the Juneau School Board Facilities Committee determined Tuesday.The committee forwarded a scaled-back $5.3 million Dryden renovation plan to the full School Board, which is expected to send it to the Juneau Assembly for approval in mid-October.

Musarra: Travel a bit easier; but still on FBI list
A retired Coast Guard officer who received considerable media attention last month because his Arabic-sounding name was on an FBI list of suspected threats to airline security says he's still having trouble getting on planes, but can check in at the Alaska Airlines e-ticket kiosks. "Still nobody's come forth to say this is a mistake," said Larry Musarra, a retired lieutenant commander who was born in New Jersey and who is not Arabic. "But something must have happened because I did the Web check-in, finally."

KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant closes
An inability to meet industry standards and an impending lease renewal led to the closure of the KFC-Pizza Hut restaurant at 6555 Glacier Highway, according to the restaurant's owners.Vincent Voss, vice president of Anchorage-based Kurani Inc., said the company signed a seven-year lease on the space.

Photo: New school opening
Construction workers open up the Egan Drive side of Juneau-Douglas High School as part of the first and most intrusive phase of a $20-million renovation.

Subport planners seek public input
Juneau residents will get another chance to look over plans to redesign the subport area downtown at a meeting Thursday.The city, the Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office, the state and other area landholders are developing plans to add a marina, housing, retail and commercial space, parks, plazas, a seawalk, parking and other buildings to the subport area downtown. The project covers an area from Gold Creek to the Goldbelt Hotel.

A Good Apple
Though Juneau is far from the rolling, golden orchards and bountiful roadside stands of New England's apple country, apples, from Sansa to Golden Delicious, are in season and well-priced in local stores right now. Chef Linda Cohen, who is known for the innovative, health-conscious apple-combinations she prepares for daily lunches at Rainbow Foods, gave this interview on the fruit that keeps the doctor away.

Academic Honors
Erika Xanthe Carls, daughter of Becky and Mark Carls, graduated June 2 from Gustavus Adolphus College in St.Peter, Minn. Erika received a B.A. in biology, magna cum laude, with a 3.84 GPA.

'Buddy patrol'
CAMP DENALI - Young men sprawl in the folding chairs lined up in front of the massive American flag on one wall of the Alaska National Guard Armory on Aug. 28. They are straddling one of those "before" and "after" moments, that momentary pause when life-changing events happen. This is the last stop before the 41 of them climb onto the bus for the airport and then take a plane to Fort Benning for basic training.

Carpenter, McVay to wed
April Carpenter and Lance McVay will marry Friday, Oct. 18, at 11 a.m. The ceremony and reception will be at the Juneau Yacht Club.

Neighbors Briefs
Cub Scouts get organized on Thursday night; Environmental workshop set; Birth Center to host support group for new parents

Thank you
...for the contributions; ...for your kindness.;

Pet of the week
Genie is an elegant Himalayan mix who is exceptionally affectionate and friendly. She loves people and gets along with other cats.

Changing colors of autumn light up SE landscape
Slowly passing from higher elevations to the lower ones, the shifting colors of the oncoming season are like burning embers igniting neighboring forests. The rich reds and purples against golden orange and true yellows show another side of the wild world. Polarizing filters make otherwise invisible details plain, infra-red or ultra violet lenses show hidden aspects of bland backgrounds, and the fall colors make startling displays in formerly subdued spaces.

Vera Armonte Lamb
Longtime Juneau resident Vera Armonte Lamb died Sept. 9, 2002, at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Wash.

Peter Ray Olivit
Peter Ray Olivit died Sept. 21, 2002, in Gustavus.

Leonard Ralph Gray
Juneau resident Leonard Ralph Gray, 40, died Sept. 21, 2002, in Anchorage at the Alaska Native Medical Center.

Empire editorial: Collins is the best choice for Juneau's future
Juneau businessman Charles M. "Chuck" Collins came very close to unseating incumbent Jim Powell last fall in his first quest for a seat on the Assembly.As with last year's race, Collins presents a strong contrast to his opponent, incumbent Marc Wheeler. Wheeler's record on the Assembly will show a reserved approach to business development and tourism growth with strong advocacy for more public process and study on long-standing community projects and issues.

My Turn: Another Christian point of view
We would like to respond to Sunday's front page article about the high school Day of Silence (in concert with the national observance by that name), recognizing the silence gays and lesbians must practice to avoid discrimination. Personally, we are glad the Day of Silence happened and hope it will happen again.

Juneau volleyball squad heads to Kayhi duel
The Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team made the statewide impression it wanted last weekend when the Crimson Bears won four matches in Anchorage and Wasilla against some of Alaska's toughest teams.

Alaska High School Football Standings
Through games of Sept. 21

Juneau divers are jumping for joy this season
This season's Juneau-Douglas High School diving squad is enjoying something it never had in Southeast last fall - opponents.After spending last season diving against themselves in region meets, the Crimson Bears now have a squad from Petersburg as competition. But with 11 divers on the team - the most in recent memory - Juneau is still the dominant force in Region V.

Hoping for one more win before hibernation
This hasn't been the best of seasons for the Juneau-Douglas High School football team.The Crimson Bears have only won once this year as they've struggled with heavy turnover due to graduation and an injury bug that's still claiming players. But the Bears hope they can take some of the sting out of a painful season by beating the Colony Knights this weekend.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Cavs send Lamond Murray to Raptors
CLEVELAND - Lamond Murray wanted out, and the Cleveland Cavaliers granted the disgruntled forward his wish Wednesday.Murray, who had been asking the Cavs to trade him for months, was dealt along with a second-round draft pick to the Toronto Raptors for center Michael Stewart and a future first-round pick.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Sitka Invitational Swimming Results
Results from the Sitka Invitational swimming and diving meets held Friday and Saturday at Sitka's Blatchley Swim Pool. On relays, teams are allowed to list up to eight names on their entry forms but only four are allowed to swim in the events. The names of the four actual swimmers are not available for all relay teams.

Alaska Swimming Top 16 Prep Times
Here are Alaska's top 16 times in each event for the 2002 high school swimming season. This list is compiled by Juneau-Douglas High School swim coach John Wray and is through meets of Sept. 21. It includes all reported meets.

Alaska High School Football Leaders
The individual high school football leaders in the state through games of Sept. 21, as compiled by the Anchorage Daily News. Statistics are for reported games only through Week 7.

In a photo of Juneau Youth Football League PeeWee Division action that ran in Sunday's paper, the player making the tackle for the Seahawks was incorrectly identified. The player making the tackle was Matthew Maka.

State Briefs
Anchorage man arrested in beating death of baby; U.S. House approves Adak land transfer; Body of missing Nome man found; Dead woman's husband charged with insurance fraud

Poll shows Ulmer in lead
For the first time since the beginning of the election season, poll numbers are showing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fran Ulmer in the lead over Republican opponent Frank Murkowski. The GOP candidate's campaign said its polls show Murkowski far ahead of Ulmer. The Ulmer poll - released Wednesday by Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore Research and Washington, D.C.,-based pollster Lake, Snell, Perry and Associates - put Ulmer ahead of Murkowski by almost 3 percentage points

Sitka man sentenced in theft of big salmon
SITKA - One of two men charged with stealing a giant king salmon from a seafood processor has been fined and ordered to perform 150 hours of community work service.Luke R. Lowe, 24, pleaded guilty to criminal trespass and misdemeanor theft and was fined $500.

State Briefs
Zaandam sailing extends cruise ship season; Bear-resistant trash barrels on sale; GOP alleges Democrats made improper loan; Penney resigns post on federal fishery council; Teacher of the Year finalists named

Dividend amount is $1,540
Every eligible man, woman and child in Alaska will receive a permanent fund dividend of $1,540.76 this fall.A total of $911.42 million will be sent to Alaskans in the form of a dividend this year.

DEA bolsters its presence in Alaska
ANCHORAGE - The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is beefing up its presence in Alaska to crack down on the increasing flow of illicit drugs into the state and to curb manufacturing of illegal substances.

Native conference on tourism kicks off Saturday
Several hundred people from around the United States and Canada are expected to attend the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Conference from Saturday through Tuesday in Juneau."Opportunities for Creating Partnerships" is the theme for the conference co-hosted by the Tlingit-Haida Central Council and the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council of Lac du Flambeau, Wis.

Revenue boss seeks PFD change
Calling the formula used to determine Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends arcane, Revenue Commissioner and fund Trustee Wilson Condon on Tuesday called for inflation-proofing the fund and using earnings to help pay for state services.The speech at the Juneau Rotary Club luncheon marked the kickoff of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp.'s annual meetings and the completion of Condon's eight-year term as revenue commissioner.

Noted Interior roadhouse in Central goes to new owners
FAIRBANKS - For the second time in six years Jim and Sandy Crabb have sold Crabb's Corner, a well-known roadhouse in the mining enclave of Central.This time the Crabbs are hoping they're done for good.

PFD trims Alaska's income gap
ANCHORAGE - Alaska has the smallest gap between rich and poor of any state, in part due to permanent fund dividends.Figures released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that while the gap between rich and poor grew by about 3.1 percent nationally during the 1990s, it barely budged in Alaska during the decade. The findings are based on household income data gathered during the 2000 census. The Census Bureau measured the gap by using a statistical formula used by economists to measure disparity of income.

Perseverance's 'Dirty Blonde': Risqué Business
The smash Broadway hit "Dirty Blonde," Perseverance Theatre's season opener, is a modern love story mixed with a mash note to Mae West, all wrapped in a camp romp served up with glitz and verve. Mae West began performing in vaudeville at age 5, but didn't become famous until later in life, much like the author of "Dirty Blonde," Claudia Shear, who turns 40 this year.

Movies where & when
"City by The Sea," (R) ends Thursday, Sept. 26, last show at 7 p.m. at the 20th Century Twin.

What's up with that?
Q: I saw one of the ships anchored in the channel about July 17, discharging water out of the area adjacent to the anchor chain. The ship was at anchor at the time. Were they offloading ballast or what?

Trading with the Tlingits
When the Spanish first arrived in Southeast Alaska in 1774, they found the Tlingits and Haidas were sophisticated trading partners working a vast, well-established trading network. "Through Spanish Eyes: Spanish Voyages to Alaska, 1773-1792," historian and anthropologist Wallace Olson's new book, documents a number of encounters with the Native people of Southeast Alaska.

How the Tlingits discovered the Spanish
Wallace Olson has opened a window to the Southeast Alaska of the late 1700s, when the Spanish explorers - who thought they owned this land - first met the Tlingit and Haida who lived here. Olson, a retired University of Alaska history and anthropology professor, spent the past decade learning Spanish, traveling to Spain and Mexico and studying dozens of handwritten journal entries by the captains, officers and scientists who first explored this region.

What's happening

Rod Stewart tribute show on Saturday
JUNEAU - Singer Kenny Kaos will deliver an evening of the music of Rod Stewart at 8 p.m. Saturday night at Marlintini's Lounge.

Grants for artists available
JUNEAU - Applications for the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council's annual grant programs are available. The deadline to apply is Friday, Oct. 11.

Best Bets: From Mae West to a folk-music master
John McCutcheon, "Dirty Blonde" and crabgrass music are the best bets for the weekend.McCutcheon, a talented songwriter who plays a dozen instruments well, performs Sunday night at Northern Light United Church.

In search of songs
John McCutcheon is ready for rain. They're fining people for using too much water near his drought-ridden home in Virginia. But that's not the only reason the singer-songwriter is eager to return to Juneau. He's also in search of songs.

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