Paying the costs in Iraq

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 26, 2003

When I hear presumably intelligent politicians bemoaning the purported lengthy time it is taking to transfer government in Iraq to the people, I have cause to wonder.

In Bosnia, which has one-sixth the population of Iraq, and is not plagued with internal terrorism, it has taken (with U.N. help) SEVEN YEARS to pass power to the locals. In Kosovo, where things have also gone smoothly, it is now FOUR YEARS without the end in sight. In tiny East Timor (half of a tiny island off Indonesia) it took the U.N. a speedy TWO YEARS to effect self-determination.

So here some of us are, a scant half-year later, demonstrating our incredible American impatience, claiming we are still "mired" in Iraq!

Indeed, our own revolution was in 1776, but it took ELEVEN YEARS (1787), in what was a historically democratic environment, to get a Constitution signed and implanted as our own foundation.

Frankly, whether "WMD" are ever found I submit as irrelevant. Similar to Nazi Germany, Saddam had the plans and the wherewithal to use WMD at any time of his choosing. Similar to Hitler, he never thought the U.S. would get involved until the time of HIS choosing. Indeed, we almost waited too long with Hitler as far as our own security was concerned, and we certainly waited too long as far as the extermination of 6 million people, mostly Jewish, was concerned! Similarly it might be argued that we waited too long to prevent the extermination by chemical warfare of yet unknown mega-thousands of Kurdish Iraqis.

In the political arena I believe it is "fair game" to criticize current or past administrations in virtually ANY area EXCEPT our provision of freedom to Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq, and the speed with which we shall be able to provide autonomy. We all need, regardless of personal political persuasion, to willingly pay whatever price, in blood as well as dollars, to provide freedom to the Iraqi people. We succeeded in this venture, which was lengthy and expensive in lives and dollars, in WWII, and we can and must do it again!

Jack Cadigan


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