Thanks to Max Mertz

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 26, 2003

Thanks to Max Mertz for his My Turn column shining a bright light on the dismal job that the present School Board leadership has done planning its budgetary priorities. As an auditor privy to the details of wastefulness at the Juneau School District, he knows better than most what the priorities of the present board have been and how we have come to this contract crisis with Juneau's teachers.

Where Mr. Mertz and I part perspectives is at his suggestion that, because the district has done a poor job planning, teachers should forego a raise. My creditors care very little what sad tale of woe I may spin about how I've mismanaged my finances when it comes time to pay up. And I don't imagine that Mr. Mertz charged the school district any less for his professional services just because the district has done a poor job planning, so why should teachers? We all know that teachers put in plenty of hours working for free on their evenings and weekends. So, instead of making Juneau's teachers shoulder the fiscal burden of our elected leaders' budgetary mistakes, let's give them the modest and reasonable raise they are requesting. Then let's vote the two incumbents out and elect some fresh talent on Oct. 7.

Clay Good


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