'Special trips' more troubling than collision

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, September 26, 2004

The unfortunate incident involving the new fast ferry Fairweather is just that - an unfortunate accident (the Empire article failed to acknowledge the 30-knot winds blowing in Skagway at the time).

Here's what's more unfortunate: As our Southeast service is temporarily cut back, Gov. Murkowski has ordered one of our largest ferries, M/V Kennicott, on a "special trip" from Juneau to Seward - leaving Juneau on Sept. 22 with just 20 government officials and a nearly empty car deck. Sort of like the "special trip" his administration planned for the Taku to Hoonah last week (which again, was not for the public use).

It's ironic that as Murkowski proposes more roads and damaging cuts for a ferry service essential and important to all of us in Southeast, he uses our ships as his private yachts for his private parties.

And what's most disturbing of all is that you and I are paying his bills.

Merry Ellefson


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