More details needed on second high school

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, September 26, 2004

With less then two weeks to go for the Propositions 1 and 2 election the School District hasn't published a plan or sketch of the new school or a "work in progress estimate" on the repairs that money from Proposition 2 will be used on. Most folks fully understand that when you start replacing a roof you really don't know how much damage and cost of repairs will be, until you tear it off. But goodness, why not publish a list of their best estimate at this time? As for the new high school, is it going to be that many-sided main building, which costs more than a conventional building?

The way the district is handling this election certainly poses some questions. Are we approving of a so-called pig in a poke? The way I figure it a property taxpayer who owns a home assessed at $225,000 will see an increase in there property taxes of at least $155 if the city can find a way to pay for the increased cap that two schools will create. If the city can't find a way, up goes our property taxes, again!

The School District is running a $40 million-plus business like a mom-and-pop store.

Fred Boehme


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