Plenty of reasons to vote against fluoride

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

There are several reasons for not putting fluoride in Juneau's water system. First, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended not giving fluoride to pregnant women and children under 6 months. Second, fluoride is available in toothpaste (but read the label - toxic if swallowed). Third, there is evidence of autoimmune system compromise.

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I am especially concerned because for 40 years I have lived with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease. I have been reading scientific reports on the adverse effects of fluoride and autoimmune diseases and believe that several severe allergic reactions I experienced the month fluoride was reintroduced to our water in 2006 may be related. Even if not, I am opposed to putting a toxic prescription medication into the public water system. No one has my consent to do so.

One friend, supportive of fluoride, suggested putting it in the water until a good distribution system could be found. There is a good distribution system - the Alaska Division of Public Health through its Public Health Centers. As a past employee I am aware that Public Health supplied bottles of fluoride (in regular or mint flavor) to the cities of Haines and Ketchikan. And it is probably now available at the Juneau Public Health Center. There is no need to medicate the entire population.

I am urging my friend and you to vote no on Proposition 2 on Oct. 2.

Cheryl Jebe


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