Rejecting fluoride is our choice

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In January 2007 the Juneau Assembly members voted to stop adding fluoride to our drinking water.

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With the fluoride issue being put on the ballot, hopefully people will inform themselves on what this chemical really is before they vote. You should look up information on fluoride, do not simply be willing to believe what is said or printed about it.

Children suffering mouthfuls of cavities? This is what pro-fluoride people would have you believe will happen if it's removed, to convince you their opinion is right.

The Food and Drug Administration is an organization we depend on to protect us by testing and using clinical trials. For more than 50, years they haven't approved fluoride as a supplement to any water system for human consumption.

Some dentists may tell you about children with horrible oral decay that never had fluoride in their water. They didn't tell you these children may never have had proper dental hygiene. Is there really a basis for the story of underprivileged children in Juneau not being able to go to the dentist, when there are programs in place to provide dental care, such as the Denali Kid Care Program?

Someone wrote to me, making a comparison of fluoride to chlorine by saying, chlorine in our water system was a poison too, and they were willing to risk it rather than getting Giardia, a water contaminant. These two chemicals have no comparison. It's necessary to chlorinate our drinking water to kill parasites and other pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Chlorine added to our drinking water naturally dissipates and can also be filtered out without losing important minerals that water naturally provides.

Fluoride cannot be filtered out except possibly through reverse osmosis, a very costly process. Reverse osmosis removes the minerals that your body may need and that provide the taste of water. Yes, water has a palatable factor also.

From my own research, I will vote that no fluoride should ever be added to our water. Check it out, Internet or library, look up words such as fluoride, enamel, absorption, and see for yourself. Who is sponsoring the site? Don't get stuck on one topic, site or bias. Have your own informed decision when you vote, and feel better about that glass of water. It really is our choice now.

Deborah Munsell


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