Rude customers should act grown up

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am a worried mother, so please hear me out. My son works in a hardware store here in Juneau and my daughter works in a gas station. Lately, they have been telling me about rude customers.

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One man sent from airport maintenance comes into the hardware store, and he comes unglued, cussing, when my son asked for his last name. For Heaven's sake, if you have an account, your name will be asked.

Another example: A man wants to fill his gas tank. When my daughter asks if he is paying cash or credit, he goes berserk, cussing and actually throws his wallet at her. If the local businesses refuse you service, it's because you were rude and deserved it. There have been more rude customers they tell me about.

Shame on you if you have been rude to anyone for that matter. Behave yourselves and act like grownups. For your information, you're not entitled.

Janice Erfurt


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