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Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thank you for making our cross country team's travel easier

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Traveling to and from Haines for the regional cross country running meet in Sitka was made much easier thanks to the kindness and generosity of the crews of the Matanuska and the Fairweather.

A Matanuska crew member volunteered to dry our wet workout gear when he saw how soaked we were after the run in port, and Capt. Wayne Carnes and the Fairweather crew made a special run to Sitka to bring teams from Haines, Juneau, Petersburg and Wrangell back to Juneau after the meet.

Thanks also to Tim Nichols and the Empire for the nice story about our team. Southeast Alaska really feels like the big small town it is when you travel by ferry and read familiar names in the paper.

Heather Lende

Cross country coach


Thanks for helping our seniors see the glacier

I would like to thank Princess Tours for their generosity in providing a cruise bus to the folks at the Juneau Senior Center on Sept. 20.

The very nice tour bus driver came in and introduced himself to me beforehand and said he would take good care of our folks.

Several of the seniors had been in Juneau for some years and had never seen the glacier. I took one gentleman out to renew an identification card, and we detoured to the glacier. I found the man had not really ever seen it. So I called Kirby Day, and he was most gracious in donating the bus for us.

I also wish to thank the U.S. Forest Service, as they donated passes to those who went on the tour so they could see the Glacier Visitor Center for free. They had a wonderful time seeing the movie and looking at the exhibits. Thank you to all involved.

Juneau is a wonderful place to live. But we sometimes forget we have some folks who are unable to get to places like the glacier on their own - due to physical or monetary restraints. So generous people like Day and the Forest Service folks make a big difference.

Ellen Northup


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