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Posted: Wednesday, September 27, 2000

... for trash pick-up

Thirty Destination Juneau members, family and friends turned out during the weekend for the Destination Juneau Community Litter Clean-Up. We picked up litter from downtown all the way to the end of the road, with most of the volunteers working alon Egan Drive and Old Glacier Highway. Volunteers reported that people slowed down to wave at them and yell out their windows "Thank you."

The group worked a total of 85.5 hours.

A special thank you to Noel Meade and Grayline Tours for providing a truck to pick up and transport about one ton of trash to Channel Sanitation. Also, a special thank you to Christopher Custer and Grayline Tours for providing a "safety vehicle" on Egan Drive and Old Glacier Highway to alert motorists.

A big thank you to the following volunteers who gave up their Sunday afternoon for this effort: Scott Fischer, Betsy Fischer, Pete Carlson, Zach Taylor, Paulette Simpson, Budd Simpson, Rick Urion, Eric Forst, Pat McMurtrie, Brent Keeney, Joe Carlson, Carol Carlson, Toni Murphy, Neale Murphy, Ami Cooper, Anne Gruening, Win Gruening, Noel Meade, Daniel Gruenberg, David Summers, Audrey Nycklemoe, Christopher Custer, Amara Custer, Rex Thompson, Tobe Thompson, Maddie Thompson, Tom Dienst, Dot Wilson, Caitlin Wilson and Patty Kirchoff.

... for helping animals

More than 100 dogs, cats and their people turned out for the 2nd Annual Clicks for Licks portrait benefit to raise money for the Gastineau Humane Society. The resulting $288 in donations may not seem like much for three days of work, but it will make a big difference to a few fortunate companion animals at the shelter.

A huge thanks to all of the participants, volunteers, the GHS Board of Directors, the Nugget Mall and the staff of the animal shelter for making this event possible.

There was one sad note during the weekend. A gentleman stopped by, puppy in arms, with no particular mission except to declare that he was going to breed his dog. This 3-4 month-old pup, a large mixed breed, reminded me of the countless abandoned cats and dogs I've encountered throughout Alaska who were later euthanized because there was no other option. While he stated he was going to take care of any new puppies himself, I quietly knew he had never experienced the heartbreak felt when comforting an unwanted and abandoned dog or cat during its euthanasia.

That being said, please spay and neuter your four-legged companions and continue to check out the pets at the Gastineau Humane Society before you breed or purchase a cat or dog. Thank you for your support and care.

David Jensen

Alaska Pet-ography

... for crisis help

I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to everyone who has donated to help out my family after my son, Blaine, was hit by a truck. Due to many family traumas and deaths one after the other money was and continues to be tight. Thank goodness for PFDs soon. But so many wonderful people and organizations came to our aid and donated everything from cash assistance to materials for a ramp and food baskets.

I would like to extend special thanks to Alaska Airlines for helping us get Blaine home, to the paramedics who helped him after the accident as well as to get him home from the plane, to the Juneau Lions and Mendenhall Lions for their donations, the Douglas Lions for a bed at the last moment, the school for help with finding a wheelchair, SAIL for help with the materials for the ramp, Denali FCU for helping to ensure donations made it to our account. And to all my friends and family who helped get me down to my son, watched our girls while we were away, helped with food and money. If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry. We have a long road ahead of us, but it is wonderful to know we are in a town where most who can help do help and I know if we need anything all I have to do is ask. Just hope I can return the favor some day.

The Scharen Family

... for hospitality

We would like to thank your State Parks for the wonderful experience we had this summer as campground volunteers living in the beautiful state of Alaska for four months. We met the friendly people of this state, along with so many visitors from the Lower 48, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Canada and other countries. This opportunity gave us the time to visit many towns, villages and places of interest that will remain in our memories for years to come.

Living in Delta Junction brought us new friends with whom we will remain in contact. In numerous towns and cities we found Alaskans to be friendly and warm. We enjoyed Delta where every day, except when the smoke from fires or the glacial silt blowing from the riverbed hid our view, we had a moving view of the Alaska Range, many days with fresh snow on the tops of the mountains.

The rangers at Delta and parks staff at Fairbanks were a pleasure to work with, and helped make our stay and work enjoyable and easy. Alaska is fortunate to have them as an example of the kindness, friendliness and openness of its residents.

Many Alaskans, especially retired residents, should avail themselves of this rewarding opportunity. Thank you for a summer to be cherished forever.

Will and Martha Rabert

Pleasant Hill, TN

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