Rollover victim remains stable

Posted: Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Accident victim Jeremy Nelson, 9, remains in serious condition, but there are positive indications for his recovery, his mother said today.

As he was about to cross Mendenhall Loop Road Sunday evening, Jeremy was struck by a truck involved in a collision with a sedan. The truck rolled over on him. He was medevaced to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where his mother, Debbie Stevens, remains at his side.

Jeremy is not in a coma, despite what family friends assumed, Stevens said.

"They have medically induced paralysis because he has a breathing tube in, and they want to keep him still," Stevens said. Jeremy is receiving food intravenously as well as pain-killers.

The impact left Jeremy's spleen bruised, but it did not need to be removed. He has two breaks on his arm, so the entire arm is in a cast. His skull was also fractured, Stevens said. There was concern among his doctors the fracture would cause swelling and the pressure inside his skull is being monitored.

"Last night the pressure got a little higher, but it was not out of control. They increased his respiration to release the pressure," she said.

Good signs include his crying out when his breathing tube was moved.

"It's a wait-and-see game at this point," Stevens said. "He has 10 doctors. The nurses are taking really, really good care of him. I am very satisfied."

Until she flew to Seattle, Stevens was holding down three jobs, with Craft Carousel, Boardwalk Bites and Totemic Treasures. She said her employers have said they will hold her jobs until her return.

Chris Nelson, Jeremy's father, was hoping to fly to see his son. Fourteen Juneau residents offered their tickets to Seattle on Tuesday. Tabby's, where he works as a cook, collected enough money to send him, said fellow employee Marion Patterson.

"But when we took him to the airport at 2 p.m., Alaska Airlines donated a ticket. So we have beaucoups tickets for the little boy to come home on, hopefully, and a return ticket for his mom. And we're starting a fund for Jeremy, for the things he's going to need," Patterson said.

Those interested in making a donation may call Tabby's Restaurant at 789-3073.

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