Bambi-esque sentimentalities

Posted: Wednesday, September 27, 2000

In a front page story Sept. 21 on another lamentable bear killing by Juneau police, State Fish and Game biologist Polly Hessing seems to be criticizing the police for protecting people. She is quoted: "We encourage people to come here to see our spectacular wildlife. Do we want to have the reputation of killing that wildlife?"

Good grief, the state can't be paying a biologist to utter Bambi-esque sentimentalities in the press!

Certainly it's sad some Smokeys get into trouble. But the bears who stay in the woods are pretty safe from our police, who (indeed, Ms. Hessing) are sworn to protect people. I hope we don't expect Juneau's police to make fearless bears as safe in town as citizens.

Something perhaps that should be taught in biology: People (garbage and all) live in town; bears live in woods.

The way I read it, our police bend over pretty far backward for the bears. It can't be a pleasant task when the inevitable occurs.

William W. Hopkins


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