Cash infusion

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2001

Recently, Bill Hudson released a "trial balloon" idea of a one-time payout of $15,000 or so in exchange for a moratorium on Permanent Fund Dividends for 10 years or so.

The tragic events of Sept. 11, and the social and economic consequences that are still developing, are convincing points for the argument supporting this concept. Many of our citizens have suffered great loss in their retirement accounts. This bulk infusion of cash would permit a rebuilding of personal retirement funds with attendant positive impact on one's sense of financial security.

Such a one-time payout basically becomes an advance payment of projected PFDs. As past experience shows, many would spend a good portion, others would save and thus provide needed capital, and others would invest most of their check in government bonds and/or equity instruments. It is worthy. It is timely. Let's get with it now.

Bill Elkinton


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