Clancy is a leader

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2001

Just over three years ago, Clancy and I sat down at a table to outline a campaign strategy that will be remembered at UAS for years to come. Little did we know that our nifty slogans and clever rhymes would lead us in the directions we have each taken. You see, we won that election and for a year served as the president and vice president of the UAS Student Government. In that year, I got to know Clancy as an influential and effective advocate for the students of UAS, Juneau and the Southeast Region. Being from outside, I knew little about Juneau's culture and relied heavily on Clancy's wise council. He led us through a challenging year.

As president, I was greatly inspired by Clancy's desire to focus on the community. With his leadership, our administration reached out into the community in an effort to bridge the gap between the campus by the lake and community it calls home. Clancy brought candidates for Alaska Legislature and U.S. Congress to campus for public debates, which helped inform the student body and the community about the issues.

Clancy and I have since gone our separate ways, but our courses remain steadfast. I have moved to Fairbanks to pursue my passion of advancing our state university system. Similarly, Clancy has taken the initiative to continue on the course of leadership in the way that is most dear to his heart, making Juneau the best city it can be. Clancy's unwavering love for this hometown is evident in his personality, his passion for the community and his leadership. If you have not seen this for yourself, I urge you to do so.

Through my civic involvement I recognized quickly and will always admire Juneau's welcoming embrace of young leaders. Juneauites view leaders for what they are, leaders. Clancy is young, but make no mistake, Clancy is a leader. He is the product of a new era at the University of Alaska. The promises of the future that have flowed from the halls of the University are now the products of today flowing into our communities. Juneau voters, I urge you to embrace this new age of leaders. On Oct. 2, vote with confidence, vote for Clancy DeSmet.

Joshua Horst


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