Powell for neighborhoods

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2001

Jim Powell has spent six years representing the people of Juneau on our Assembly and while I have not always agreed with every decision he has made, there are few Assembly members who have worked as hard as he has. Jim puts everything he has into the job.

My first experience working with Jim on an issue was when he pushed through the neighborhood association ordinance. The issue was quite unpopular with the Assembly at the time. It's hard to believe the Assembly could oppose neighborhood associations, but they did. Jim persevered though, and pushed the ordinance through.

I write this letter after a candidate forum sponsored by "Juneau Neighbors," a coalition of neighborhood associations. The coalition is an outgrowth of Jim's neighborhood association ordinance. In July neighborhood associations from North Tee Harbor to Thane Road met for the first time to discuss issues that affect all Juneau neighborhoods. We resolved to help one another when we can reach consensus, on issues that have a community-wide impact. Jim Powell is responsible for this incredibly positive show of support from one neighborhood to another.

Jim deserves another term on the Juneau Assembly. Please join me in voting for him on Oct. 2.

Kim Metcalfe


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