Alaskans, Yukoners protest missiles

Posted: Monday, September 27, 2004

FORT GREELY - Emily Tredger says the United States' missile defense system is a topic frequently debated during current event discussions at her school in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

The more Tredger, 15, learns about the system, the stronger her opposition grows.

"I'm really concerned that it will start an international arms race, kind of like the Cold War," she said.

Tredger was one of 14 Whitehorse residents, including one of her teachers from Vanier Catholic Secondary School, who traveled to Fort Greely on Saturday to protest interceptor missiles.

Army contractors have loaded four interceptor missiles into launching silos. Two more will be installed this year.

The protest, which drew about 50 people, was part of the fourth annual Fort Greely "peace camp," which brings together opponents of the missile defense system, mostly from Fairbanks, for several days of discussion and protests.

The Canadians carried signs such as, "Canadians support health care, not warfare."

Many of the Whitehorse residents who joined the protest are part of a group that calls itself the Yukon Peace Coalition, said Scott Herron, a member of the group. As work on the missile defense system has accelerated during the Bush administration, he said, Canadians have become concerned with both their country's role and the effects of a worldwide system.

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