Quit meddling with Assembly candidates

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The recent (Sept. 22) article in the Empire about the areawide Assembly seat caused this voter some considerable concern. Former Assembly member Jim Powell has taken quite a different approach to persuading the voters to see things his way. Attempting to deny the voters the ability to choose their own candidate at the ballot box is quite a different approach. Does he consider this tactic the method of choice for the "Progressive" party? Hopefully not. Pressuring a viable candidate to drop out of a political race is not in the best interest of this community or its voters.

Being a longtime resident of this community has afforded me an insight into the political arena mainly due to the people that I know and converse with on a regular basis. Almost to the person, they are appalled at Mr. Powell's underhanded tactics. What concerns me most of all is how deep does this attempt at circumventing the process go. The Empire article states that a job offer was given to Mara Early if she would step down.

The bottom line is, Jim Powell had nine years on the Assembly to leave his legacy of good jobs, affordable housing and good solid infrastructure. If he failed at that legacy, then get out of the way and let some new blood have a go at it. I admire Mara Early's courage to stand up to this kind of pressure. I also admire her actions of keeping things positive and not divulging all the persons' names involved in this attempted scandal.

Jim, if you have read this venue before you might have heard my refrain, "Trust me. I'm a voter." If you didn't, you have now. Let the process work and quit meddling.

John Niemi


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