Coeur Alaska and others did homework

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Sebastian, Sept. 19, suggested that Coeur Alaska had "done its homework in advance."

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This is so very true. I think you've all heard that the Kensington Mine Plan is based upon more than 900 environmental studies and has twice been reviewed by the Corps of Engineers, which concluded that the tailings plan for Kensington is not only consistent with the Clean Water Act, but is the most environmentally preferred plan for this mine.

It is important to note that fill material has been placed into waters of the United States thousands of times under the Clean Water Act. The rigorous process used by the Corps of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency and state officials in permitting the placement of fill into the waters of the United States is called a 404(b)(1) analysis.

This analysis looks at all other alternatives and must take into consideration a wide range of environmental considerations. They all agreed, the Kensington plan is the best environmental plan.

So, I agree with Mr. Sebastian that Coeur Alaska (and the multiple permitting agencies) did, in fact, do their homework before receiving their passing grade.

Crellin Scott

Environment and regulatory affairs manager

Coeur Alaska


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