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Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2007

What is the only thing crazier than doing the same thing over and over again, hoping to achieve different results? The only thing crazier is finding what does work, benefiting from it for decades, and then deciding to stop. That is what Juneau has done.

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We have listened to a group of antifluoride conspiracy theorists who will tell us anything and cite any false authority on the matter to appease their fear of a mineral that is unequivocally beneficial to human health in the manner that it was used in Juneau's public water supply.

There is no end to the lengths the anti-fluoride activists will go to convince you that fluoridation is bad. The area "doctors" on the anti-fluoride bandwagon are not physicians. The expert they brought in, Hardy Limeback, said, "The truth was a bitter pill to swallow. But swallow it I did." And they would like you to swallow their version of the truth as well. The more communities they can draw in to their delusions the more normal they can make it appear. If there is any conspiracy, they are the conspirators. The very start of this controversy was because our former water director claimed he was protecting our pipes when in truth he, along with other public officials, had clearly already "drunk the Kool-aid."

Every dollar spent on fluoridation saves $38 in dental care. The U.S. Department of Health and the American Dental Association recommend the use of topical fluoride as well as oral ingestion including public water fluoridation for optimal lifelong dental health. What do your dentist and your physician recommend?

To use poor infants, who need fluoride the most, as an argument against fluoridation is an ironic misstep of logic.

Cost and risk versus benefit are the profluoride side's arguments. Public water fluoridation does not cause cancer or osteoporosis or any mysterious ailment that can only be diagnosed and treated by an herbalist. It is also not a conspiracy to dispose of hazardous industrial waste by feeding it to us, nor is it used to control our minds so that we will comply with whatever the government tells us to do.

This is too important an issue to be left up to a very vocal, well-meaning minority who in this case are misguided. I hope that everyone will revisit all of the arguments on this issue carefully and vote yes on Proposition 2.

Steve Reese

Registered nurse


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