Let's build the new Mendenhall Valley pool

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2007

Being a parent of swim club and high school swimmers in the Juneau community for the last eight years, I support a second pool in Juneau. I was very involved in the last pool effort, and it is good to see that many of the recreational components of the last pool effort are included in this new pool.

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This proposal has a lap pool and a recreational pool. The recreational pool is more than four times bigger than the Augustus Brown recreational pool. On one side of the pool you will be able to walk in like at a beach, and there will be a very large circular slide for the kids. The recreational pool actually will be larger than the six-lane lap pool.

This pool will be less expensive than the last proposal, at about half the cost while still fulfilling the needs of our community. This new pool will also bring back the "Learn to Swim Program" to our Juneau School District, so that every child in Juneau will have an opportunity to have swimming lessons.

We need more positive year-round recreational opportunities for everyone in our community, and this new pool helps accomplish that. Let's build this new pool. Vote yes on Proposition 4.

Lori Norman


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