Amazing Day

Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2000

I was amazed when I read Princess Cruises representative Kirby Day's letter to the editor in Monday's paper, "Metcalfe-Helmar boggles the mind." He said that when Kim comments on what is best for downtown Juneau, she doesn't speak for him. To the best of my knowledge Mr. Day doesn't live downtown and I'm sure Kim never meant to speak for Kirby Day or Princess Cruises. She does, however, voice my sentiments and those of many other downtown residents. She did, after all, carry all downtown precincts when she ran for the assembly three years ago.

Mr. Day has a long history of attempting to squelch dissident voices in our community. That goes against everything our democracy stands for. If we are truly to be a community, we need to listen to, and respect, the whole range of diverse voices in Juneau. Is it so radical to suggest that we should not have more jobs than we have housing, or that we should not have more low-wage, seasonal jobs than we have low-income housing?

Those who push for the maximum number of low-wage jobs should be championing low-income housing, in their own neighborhoods, with affordable public transportation.

Judy Crondahl


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