Goal: big government?

Posted: Friday, September 28, 2001

The latest digest of Southeast Alaska's economy has been released to the members of the Southeast Conference on Sept. 19 by the McDowell Group. It depicts Southeast economic trends from 1990 to 1999.

The environmental organizations of this region should be proud of their successes. Read what they have been able to accomplish, in no small part through their powerful influence on the political process through their funding from the Alaska Conservation Voters Group and The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council.

Personal income in much of our region is now 37 percent below the national average.

Employment is down as much as 33 percent from the statewide average.

Payroll trends are down as much as 40 percent from the statewide average.

Population growth is down by 9 percent from the rest of Alaska.

The seafood industry is hard hit.

By 2000, farmed salmon accounts for 60 percent of world production.

Power troll permits are now valued at $13,000, down from $30,000 five years ago.

Southeast gillnet permits are valued at $40,000, down from $70,000.

The timber industry has lost 2,000 jobs and $100 million in payroll.

Government now accounts for half of all personal income in Southeast.

Yes, they should be very proud of their successes! You can rest assured that the environmental groups have picked their candidates for election again this cycle. They have enjoyed amazing success in getting their chosen ones elected in the past. They are not done with us yet. Is the goal to have everybody on the government payroll? At this rate, it won't take long.

Dave Fremming

Former Assemblyman

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