Concerned about litter

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, September 28, 2003


gine your child walking to Riverbend School and just tucked away in the bushes nearby is a large pile of broken beer bottles along with blankets and a pot pipe. This and other like items were found in a recent effort to clean the Duck Creek-Riverbend area. In just two short hours nine college students and one faculty member retrieved 250 pounds of refuse. Several things come to mind when such items are found. First and foremost is our children's safety. What is to prevent them from running into the bushes to play and stumbling across these kinds of items? Secondly, the environmental factors are disturbing. This community is supposed to be one of the cleanest and most pristine towns on the planet, the capital of the Last Frontier. Many Juneau citizens routinely volunteer time to collect litter. To them our hats go off. We all need to be involved in keeping our community safe and trash-free by joining these citizens and picking up trash, financially supporting groups like Litter Free, and refusing to litter ourselves.

Chris Parker, Leslie Curran, Shelly Parfitt, Bradley Johnson, Adrienne Scott, Maria Silva, Jon Carlo Malacas


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