Back the other 'nice guy'

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, September 28, 2003

Dave Fremming's letter supporting Dick Knapp was refreshing as a well-written opinion without the rancor and inanity we so often see on this page. In this case, I do agree with Dave that we have two fine candidates for the position as mayor. I also agree that Bruce Botelho is one nice guy. I consider him a friend even though we've had only occasional contact over the years.

Yet I don't always vote for friends. I do try to make some judgments about their ability and I generally look for some simple criterion on which to make a final decision. As implied by Mr. Fremming's comments, a person should vote for the person who will best represent his/her interests and Dave has indicated those things which are important to him. In my case, the simple criterion that swayed my decision are none of those lofty subjects Dave has listed. I just looked at the address of their residences and I knew who will best represent my interests. Bruce Botelho will get my vote.

Richard Renninger


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