Sanford steps up

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Last winter I daily witnessed elderly persons, women carrying tiny children and others waiting for the city bus at a mall in the valley. A small pond had formed where the old bus shelter once stood. Without a replacement shelter, they were forced to stand either in the parking area or within four feet of moving traffic on the other side of the road. On dark, wet winter evenings it was a disturbing sight.

Apparently the city bus system and the property owner were deadlocked as to the particulars about size, location, and so forth of the city's design for a new shelter. After a single call to Assembly member Merrill Sanford, the problem was resolved. He took the problem very seriously, got involved immediately, and the shelter was rebuilt when the weather permitted.

I was certain it would. The year before, Mr. Sanford asked special permission to sit with the Assembly committee considering a draft resolution about civil liberties. This was during the USA Patriot Act debate. It was only after he spoke in support of Stan Ridgeway's motion to appoint a joint Assembly-public group to do a rewrite of the resolution that the chairman acquiesced to do so. At that moment it was certain we would have a local resolution.

Stepping forward with little fanfare seems to be the man's style.

Larry Hurlock


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