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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2006

I find some of the responses to the Kubley article amazing and sad. On Aug. 27, I responded to Lynn Escola's letter of Aug. 23, in which she described herself as a "tree-hugging, wolf-protecting, tofu-eating, PETA-sympathizing, Al Gore- believing, liberal agenda-promoting lefty who wasn't born in Alaska."

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Then Lauren Swift states in a letter posted Sept. 1, "Once again ... I read a letter from a conservative who is calling liberals names. You hardly ever see that happen the other way around - it seems that would be heresy."

Where in my letter did I mention any political affiliation? I merely used the reference Escola provided describing herself. Wasn't it Escola who was derogatory, stating traditionalists would "grab a crayon" to respond? Could that be a slam on conservatives from a liberal?

Then there was Franz Schneider's Sept. 3 article that states, "Evidently, there are people who like to look at pictures of dead animals, as evidenced by Allen Butner's poorly reasoned letter of Aug. 27." Where in my article did I state that I like to look at dead animals? Also, my statement that bears are omnivores was a reference to Escola's comment that "killing animals may be a family affair for the Kubleys, but I'm reasonably certain it is not for their victims." Animals do kill other animals. How Schneider got hunting people because they are also omnivores out of my comment, who knows? As for Schneider's argument about shooting "endangered big game animals" - bears aren't endangered in Alaska.

While I will concede that I would have picked a less graphic picture, I will not condemn the acts of this family or other "traditionalists."

Personally, I would prefer to take an organic, grass-fed, free-range deer any day over having corporations like McDonald's cut down the world's forests to make pasture for the cattle they slaughter cruelly, add untold additives to, and make your Big Mac. Wild game meat just comes on the hoof. You might not recognize it, as it isn't shrink-wrapped, but the burger at Fred Meyer was once wrapped in fur, too, like it or not.

Why doesn't the photo coverage of the salmon derby raise this kind of disgust? Is looking at a dead salmon any different than looking at a dead bear, or is it just an emotional response?

Allen Butner


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