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Posted: Friday, September 28, 2007

I appreciated your article on the pool in Sunday's paper. As a mother of three in the Valley and an educator and counselor, I know the importance of giving kids a positive place to recreate year-round. I have also seen first-hand the self-discipline that kids develop as a result of participating in a swim program. But one very important feature about the new pool needs a little more highlighting.

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Your article discussed that the State will pay for over a quarter of the cost of the new pool facility but didn't go into much detail as to why. As part of its application to the state of Alaska, dated April 20, the Juneau School District plans to institute a swimming program for all of Juneau's elementary, middle school and high school students. This program will include at a minimum swimming instruction, survival training and dive instruction along with physical education classes. It is also important to note that this is a District-wide program. Every kid, from Douglas to Lemon Creek to out the road, will be part of this program. All kids will and should have the chance to learn how to swim.

The new pool will be good for all kids. It is a good proposal and makes sense for Juneau. Please vote in the municipal election and vote Yes for Proposition 4.

Terry Gonwa

Parent and Harborview Elementary School counselor


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