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Posted: Friday, September 28, 2007

Let's not let this chance pass us up for a second time. The research group listened to the voters in 2005 and have worked very hard to put together a valued option for a swimming pool that is half the cost of the one originally proposed. If any of you have been to the Petersburg pool, this option is very similar and would support our current population.

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Overcrowding at the current pool continues to exist, limiting the swim lessons available for our children, the lanes available for swimmers, as well as other classes, such as senior aerobics and water safety. Want to have a birthday party for your child at the pool? You probably won't be able to as over 70-80 percent of requests are turned down due to the lack of time available.

The state Department of Education and Early Development is willing to pay $5.2 million through the school bond debt reimbursement program toward the pool, and the Juneau School District will offer the Learn-To-Swim program to all students. This is extremely important in Southeast Alaska!

The swim and dive teams could also host statewide meets in Juneau, bringing in a boost for our economy. We cannot do this currently due to our small pool. Let's bring in a pool that can accommodate Juneau. Please vote yes to Proposition 4 on Oct. 2.

Melissa McCormick


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