Common sense rejects fluoridation

Posted: Friday, September 28, 2007

According to an Empire story on Sept. 16, it seems the pro fluoride folks are out to take over Juneau's basic water needs with their highly splashy and very pricey ad campaign. Certainly, $46,000 is nothing to sneeze at and could just make you a television star, in the bargain.

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On second thought, with the advent of the inch-thick printed caution report from the prestigious National Research Council of The National Academies about fluoride in your drinking water, both myself and hundreds of others are wondering, "What in the world are these pro fluoride folks thinking?"

If you haven't read this report yet, and it is close to 450 pages, then please do so before you decide to willingly ingest or vote for the city to fluoridate our pure, clear water again. At the very least read the 10 page summary of the report, ( since the National Research Council has recommended that additional research be done at much lower levels of fluoride, or at the levels the city was, until recently, adding to our water. Fluoride is definitely a questionable substance. One that is highly toxic and does accumulate in the human body. Meanwhile, at this point in time, no one really knows what amount can be viewed as safe, nor do they know, in terms of irrefutable scientific evidence, how it can be truly viewed as beneficial to our community's general well being. There are just too many "ifs," and we should first of all do no harm.

However, despite these reasonable concerns, toxic fluoride is actually being promoted by the medical profession for addition to our drinking, cooking and bathing water. If they have their way, on Oct. 2, it will also be done against the collective wills of a great many good citizens, young and old, who actually like living in this healthful community. Please take time to think it through, then vote no on Proposition 2 - it's really a common sense issue.

Alan R. Munro


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