Read the fine print before voting on Prop 1

Posted: Friday, September 28, 2007

For those of you who live in Juneau without city sewer and who hope that Proposition 1 will provide sewer to your existing homes, please be advised that the first priority for sewer extensions will be given to undeveloped land. That is correct. It says so in the voter information packet provided to voters by the city of Juneau.

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Furthermore, having dealt with the city of Juneau on the North Douglas sewer extension, I learned that the prior vote for sewer had similar wording and that city engineers' first priority for sewer extensions in Juneau is to undeveloped land for development. So if you are voting yes on Proposition 1 to get city sewer, be advised that you may receive some service after new development and greater density development areas are served first.

Craig Mapes


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