Gastineau school benefits community

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2009

On Oct. 6, Juneau voters will have the opportunity to approve a bond proposition that will provide for the renovation of Gastineau Elementary School. If you live outside of the Gastineau boundaries, you may wonder why you should vote for this proposition.

The answers are simple. Gastineau, like all buildings in the school district, is a community building. It belongs to all of us. In addition to providing a place for the children of Douglas Island to go to school, it is host to soccer games, scout meetings, summer camps and after-school programs to children from all over the Juneau School District. As an adult, you may have attended community schools classes, health fairs, community forums, or musical performances there.

The other reason to approve this important proposition is that it's time to improve the building. It's time to replace the 50-year-old boiler, the threadbare carpet, the bathroom fixtures that back up on a regular basis, the doors that do not close properly and the electrical wiring that is inadequate to meet the most basic power needs of the building. It's time to make the building a more safe, nurturing learning environment for Gastineau's students and one that is better able to serve the entire community.

Help keep the momentum of building improvement going in the district. Vote to support the bond proposition for Gastineau School renovations on Oct. 6.

Valerie Mertz

Gastineau Elementary School parent and former student


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