Prop 2 opponents need to return to high road

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One of the most critically important issues facing Juneau voters on the Oct. 5 municipal ballot is the debate over approval of the sales tax extension in support of the North Douglas crossing, or Proposition 2. There has been much talk, both pro and con, as to the merits of the proposal, and until recently, the debate discourse has taken the high road.

Unfortunately, that civility dissipated last Thursday evening at the forum on Proposition 2 sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Allegations that the Juneau Chamber of Commerce and its current president, Bob Martin, are trying to 'influence' the outcome by making a contribution to the Safe Affordable Future Efficient, or SAFE, Committee, which supports Proposition 2, are ludicrous. The chamber's membership consists of local businesses and individuals who care deeply about this community, and the chamber has long been on record as clearly supporting the North Douglas crossing and the accessibility, safety and future economic expansion that it represents. In addition, the chamber has always offered the floor to both sides of an issue, in order that its members will be well-informed prior to making their choice at the ballot box.

On behalf of the chamber and its board, we take exception to the negative and baseless comments expounded by the opposition to Proposition 2, and ask that Juneau voters question the motivation of those behind this disgraceful attack on the chamber and its president.

Cathie D. Roemmich


Chief Executive Officer of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce

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