Murkowski should have followed Bob Bennett's example

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lisa Murkowski has encouraged all to write about her candidacy. Here's my effort.

I live in Utah, where Bob Bennett, a fine moderate-to-conservative Republican, was upset by Mike Lee. He too thought about a write-in candidacy. Unlike Murkowski, he has enough principles to dodge that temptation.

"The times, they are changing," sang the poet of my generation, and how that has become true. We have a once-in-one hundred years chance to shape our future, the future of my grandchildren. But Murkowski is too consumed by personal ambition to see that. Splitting a ticket as she wants will elect another tax-and-spend Democrat. In the meantime, this month, Social Security started running out of money, Medicare has been running a deficit for some time, and our national debt balloons.

Just say no, my Alaskan brothers and sisters, to Lisa Murkowski, and yes to Joe Miller.

Lynn Johnson

Draper, Utah

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