Thane Campground shooting resolved

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A man charged with attempted murder after a shooting at the Thane Campgrounds entered into a plea agreement Friday.

Christopher Barrios was arrested April 8 for the shooting of Jon Lane on March 30. He initially pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charge, but has now plead guilty to third-degree assault, court records show.

Barrios appeared in Juneau court Friday via telephone before Judge David George for the change of plea and sentencing. He received a sentence of five years with all time suspended except for time served. Barrios also will receive three years probation, but will not be required to report to a probation officer. He will be required to register with a local police department wherever he lives, be evaluated for substance abuse and complete any treatment recommended for substance abuse, and provide written proof of evaluation and compliance with treatment to the court within four months.

Lane also attended the hearing by phone from Seattle, where he is still undergoing treatment for his injuries. He expressed disappointment in the case's resolution.

"No restitution?" Lane said. "And only threat of bodily injury? I think he discharged it twice into my face. I have no separation between my sinuses. Negligently placing me in fear of bodily harm doesn't quite cut it. I think I also heard he'll be released from jail and sent back to California with no prison time? What are we doing here?"

District attorney Doug Gardner said he reduced the charges based on the case's strength from the state's point of view. He said he hoped Barrios would leave Alaska and go to California.

According to an interview conducted by Juneau Police Department Sergeant David Wrightson with Thane Campground manager Gordon Valle after the shooting, Valle said he and Barrios were shooting guns around a fire, which would violate campground policy. Valle said Barrios pointed a gun at Lane and asked Valle if he could shoot Lane. Valle stated he told Barrios not to and left the fire and Lane later approached him and said he'd just been shot. Valle's contract with the city was not renewed a month after the shooting, according to Empire archives.

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