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Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

... for derby donations

Thank you to all the businesses that contributed to the prize list of the 54th Annual Golden North Salmon Derby. Thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make the event an ongoing success. Thanks to the restaurants and stores who provided food and beverages to the volunteers at all the weigh stations. Thanks to the media for their excellent coverage of the event. Thanks to Bonnie Millard and the crew on the packer for taking such good care of us when we came in to weigh my fish. Most of all thanks to the citizens of Juneau and their families who support this wonderful community event.

Wayne Sutherland

Boise Idaho

... for community service

Kudos to the Juneau Empire for including up to date statistical, scientific, meteorological, geo-physical information in your publication. Not only do we locals find this information fascinating, it also greatly enhances our visitors' Alaskan and Juneau experience. Public presentation of this information ensures hopefully accurate and widespread delivery. Thanks for your article of Aug. 27 "Summer on Ice" by Phil Druker about Maynard Miller's Research Project and your Sept. 6 article "Scientists Measure Rising Panhandle."

Thank you and congratulations to Robert Kanan on his retirement from his NOAA position, I will miss you. Robert has always gone out of his way to provide concise, easy to understand and up-to-date information to the Empire and to those of us who stop by to see him. Other government agencies/employees should follow Mr. Kanan's exemplary efforts. We are fortunate to have such a degree of federal and state representation here in Juneau.

Also, thank you to the visitor industry for another successful year. I am so lucky to be able to educate and entertain such a large number of worldwide guests. Most rewarding is the fact that it is a mutual informational exchange with my guests. I cannot fathom where else or how else I would be afforded such a diverse audience. We have the perfect combination here: a governmental information center, people from all over the world and beauty which is the main thread that brings everyone here in the first place. Tourism itself facilitates a learning environment if one so chooses to constructively participate. I am so proud to be an ambassador for Juneau and Alaska; we live in a most glorious and fascinating place.

And finally, again to the Empire, please continue searching out and passing on governmental/scientific information in your publication. Government workers are after all "public servants"; you can be the public's informational transport vessel. Factual, statistical and unbiased information clearly is an eye-opener and spurns constructive intelligent conversation and problem solving. It is not something we need to whine about, it is something we all need to ponder because education facilitates wiser decision making by all members of our community!

Jane Svinicki

... for senior programs

Did you know there are angels in Juneau? We didn't either, until mom came to live with us and we discovered what services are available for our senior citizens. Through a series of phone calls we were able to get connected to the Bridge program at the Mountain View Senior Center and Care-a-Van. Everyone who is and has been associated with the Senior Center and Care-a-Van have been extremely flexible, caring, creative and full of information. These special people do such a service for our senior citizens and their families that a mere thank you is not enough. These angels have touched our family and given a higher quality to our daily lives. We not only want to recognize these "angels" in the great work they do, but we want to encourage our local and state governments to think of what our seniors citizens have given to us and find a way of not cutting any more funding to programs like the "Bridge" and services like Care-a-Van.

Archie and Melinda Cavanaugh

... for AWARE work

AWARE would like to thank Glacier Valley Rotary for helping with our "Adopt A Room Project." In addition to their generous financial donation, Glacier Valley Rotarians rolled up their sleeves and tore out our old stained and tattered carpet.

Our 15-year-old building is getting an improved interior after years of use from hundreds of women and children seeking safe shelter. Our Adopt A Room Project will repair or replace the dingy walls, frayed carpet and broken furniture. Many individuals, companies and groups have been involved. Thanks to the wonderful donations from the community and hard physical labor donated by the Rotarians. AWARE has been able to install bright, durable new carpet in eight bedrooms, the hallway and stairs.

The people, agencies and businesses of Juneau have been incredibly responsive to AWARE. It is wonderful living in a town committed to creating safer and healthier communities. It is with such combined efforts that change takes place.

Annette Coggins

AWARE Executive Director

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