Dan can help

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

We really need someone like Dan Peterson on our school board. He's attended the Juneau School District for 13 years and is now a senior attending JDHS. He's been in the district long enough to know first hand the problems and issues that are facing our schools today. Dan also supports the building of a new high school and renovation of JDHS. As another student attending JDHS, I desperately think we need to build a new high school. The halls are crowded with people pushing their way from class to class, garbage cans are scattered about catching water that leaks from the ceiling, and the building needs to be painted.

Dan is in favor of the charter school and supports alternative programs, which will give kids with other learning styles a chance to succeed. He is also in favor of a follow-up course that will help students who fail the High School Qualifying Exam. If anyone can help improve our schools and help with the new high school, it's Dan Peterson.

Mandi Johnson


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