Man of his word

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

I respect the truth and people who can be counted upon to tell it.

Impacts Of Tourism In Juneau was the theme of a photo show last winter. Lots of photos were submitted, but the show had trouble finding a place to be. Some big cruise ship operators had just withdrawn their meager contribution to Juneau arts in an effort to further divide our community over the recently passed passenger fee initiative. In this climate of intimidation the photo show went homeless.

Then a shopping mall with a policy of fairness provided space. This spring I was told that at least two well-known Juneauites pressured that mall, unsuccessfully trying to keep the public from seeing those photos. One of the names came as no surprise, but I found it hard to believe Jamie Parsons would do that.

I've sometimes agreed with Jamie and sometimes not, but I think of him as truthful and I couldn't believe he would try to stifle reasonable expressions of views, even if they weren't his views. Expecting to learn I'd been misinformed, I called Jamie and asked if he tried to prevent the photo show.

"I was just trying to make sure it was something positive," said Jamie.

I said, "I'll take that as yes, you pressured the mall."

"Well you know I'm now representing Holland America," said Jamie.

Believe me, I didn't know!

The other person who allegedly pressured the mall is the agent for Princess. In this Empire forum he recently suggested there's really no noise problem in Juneau because only 30 percent of the public is concerned about noise. If our little business disturbed almost 10,000 locals, I wonder if we could get years of "voluntary compliance" from the assembly and mayor. And didn't most of the assembly, and the mayor, oppose a passenger fee that 70 percent of us voted in? Aren't the Liberian cruise ship operators already adequately represented, and then some, by our assembly and mayor?

Jamie has done a lot for this community, fighting capital move efforts. He's a former mayor who wants to be mayor again, and he has a lot of support. Above all he's a man of his word. Just this spring, Jamie Parsons told me he's representing Holland America, and I believe him.

Frederick A. Hoskinson


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