Support for Prop 2

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

We are writing in support of Proposition 2. We support this temporary 1 percent sales tax because, as physicians who care for patients at Bartlett Regional Hospital, we are aware of the importance of a modern, well-equipped hospital to our community.

We recall times when lack of critical care beds has necessitated transfer of local patients to Seattle by air ambulance. We remember the times when the Mental Health unit had to expand into the Medical-Surgical unit, decreasing the room available for medical patients. The hospital's Project 2005 will expand the Critical Care area and the Mental Health unit.

We also are eager to see the hospital's plans to improve the Obstetrics unit become reality. These plans, which have been in the making for several years, will give new mothers, their newborns, and their families the privacy and space that they deserve and that is standard in modern hospitals. We often have two women and their families sharing a single room with only a divider curtain, a single bathroom with a shower down the hall, and a single phone number. Private conversations with family and health providers can be overheard easily. Even on the Medical-Surgical unit, sharing a room, a bathroom and a telephone number with another patient can interfere with rest and private conversations with health providers. Proposition 2 would convert our current semi-private rooms to private ones with private bathrooms.

Bartlett Regional Hospital serves many of our surrounding communities, but most of all it serves those of use who live year around in Juneau. We encourage everyone to vote yes on Proposition 2.

Sarah Isto, M.D.

Bob Urata, M.D.

Priscilla Valentine, M.D.

Lindy Jones, M.D.

Anya Maier, M.D.

Richard Welling, M.D.

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