Isolation makes Juneau unique

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

I am a junior at JDHS and am writing in regard to the new road proposal for the upcoming elections. Besides the fact that the cost to build and maintain a road would be great and the danger of avalanches would be high, I oppose the road for other reasons. I have lived in Juneau all of my life and feel that our isolation is something that makes us unique. The fact that we are so isolated makes traveling even more special.

Getting on the ferry or an airplane is always so much more exciting than hopping in a car. Juneau is definitely not the place to live if you want to go on long car rides every weekend, that's what the rest of the United States is for. The fact that we aren't able to go on extended road trips means we don't have to ruin our beautiful landscape with things like gas stations, hotels, billboards, trash, etc.

I heard on the radio the other day something along the lines of, "Let's share Juneau with the rest of Alaska. Vote yes on the new road." I say, why don't we also share the Alaska Marine Highway with the rest of the state? Not having a road doesn't make us selfish or isolationists, it just makes Juneau even more special and attractive to travelers.

Another argument I've heard for the road is it will help keep the capital in Juneau because it would be more accessible. The politicians will still fly here, road or no road. Building a road would only add to the congestion of our city and take away a special quality that makes Juneau unique.

Jessica Hadfield


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